We are Authorized Dealer, Distributor, Supplier of Carmex Products like Thread Milling Tools, Solid Carbide Mill Threading Tools, Small Solid Carbide Thread Mills. Our setup is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

The Mini Mill-Thread family is comprised of small solid-carbide thread mills. The tools in the family have been specially designed for the production of threads in very small bores. In order to achieve this, we’ve employed unique tool designs, accurate geometries, and quality coatings.

This family consists of specially designed versions of our standard solid carbide thread mills (both standard & miniature), that were created in order to enable machining of hardened materials (up to 62 HRC). In order to achieve this, we’ve applied cutting-edge coatings that provide the tools with high wear & heat resistance.

The DMT/DMTH tool family consists of high-performance tools that can be used in the production of internal threads. The circular motion performed by these tools during operation produces the thread hole, the actual thread, and an (optional) chamfer in a single work process. This eliminates the need to switch between tools, saving valuable time.

The MT Drill range is a family of solid carbide thread mills, designed to drill, chamfer, and thread mill the hole in a single operation. As a result, operations that typically needed to be performed separately, can now be combined – allowing for reduced cycle times. This makes these cutters especially well suited for mass-production applications, or applications where frequent tool changes are undesired.

Our industry-leading assortment of indexable thread milling tools can be used with a wide range of applications. These tools were created in order to machine threading jobs on CNC milling machines (by using helical interpolation programs). They allow for improved productivity, thanks to the increased cutting speeds, and multi-tooth carbide inserts. Additionally, they can be used to lower tooling costs – as they are considerably cheaper than comparable taps and dies.

A family of indexable Mill-Thread inserts and tool holders that include multiple straight flutes. These tools are well-suited for machining long threads (from small to large diameters).

The Spiral Mill-Thread family of indexable tools is a family of tools that use a spiral-based design. Each spiral-fluted tool holder contains anywhere between 1 and 9 inserts, in a comparatively small cutting diameter. This makes the tools well-suited for a wide range of applications: From machining minuscule components in small machining centers, to heavy-duty applications in high-power milling machines.

A new generation of CMT-based indexable milling inserts and holders (= cutters) for Threading, Grooving, and Chamfering. Each cutter holds several inserts, helping to achieve high productivity.

The D-Thread family of inserts and tool holders were originally developed in order to enable the cutting of threads in deep parts. The multi-insert holders allow for improved productivity.

A family of modular Mill-Thread tool holders that are ideal for hard-to-reach applications. These holders are designed to work with the stock Carmex thread milling inserts (regular / spiral / D-Thread). They can also be extended by the different available (steel) extensions.

A family of tool holders designed to machine single-point threading applications. These holders work in conjunction with standard Carmex thread turning inserts. This enables tool reuse, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

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