Growel offers a wide range of specialized lubricants and oils in varied industrial applications under the brand name of GRODAL. With the use of latest and state of the art technologies, the products are designed to give high performance and provide cost effective solutions. All products are environment friendly and conform to stringent international standards and assure optimum quality to end users.

  • 1Rust Preventives
  • 2Cutting Oils
  • 3Hydraulic Oils
  • 4Lubricating Oils
  • 5Spindle Oils
  • 6Circulating Oils
  • 7MS & Steel Wire Drawing Oil
  • 8Gear Oil
  • 9Vanish & Deep Draw Oils
  • 10EDM Oil
  • 11Heat Treatment
  • 12Cu Tube Drawing Fluids
  • 13Al Wire Drawing Oil
  • 14Glass Grinding Fluids
  • 15Cu Wire Drawing Fluids
  • 16Chain Oils
  • 17Cleaner
  • 18Blanking Oil

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